How do you safely get ED meds in canadian online pharmacies?

At the end of December 2016, one of the committees of the US Senate published the results of its research, where it accused pharmaceutical companies of behaving like hedge funds (a private investment partnership aimed at maximizing profits). According to the authors of the report, companies “are buying up ED drugs and inflating their prices,” while developing “a business model that harms patients, taxpayers, and the US healthcare system.” People simply cannot afford such expensive ED drugs. At the same time, generics, which cost several times less, are not allowed on the markets, and customers have no other choice than to order it online on various canadian sites like the ones below.

Apotheca Compounding Pharmacy (Rating: 4.8) | 417 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5P 2W3, Canada | +1 416-322-0123

I went to get my prescriptions, and not all my prescriptions were given to me. I signed up already for the one-day pick-up of ALL my prescriptions each month; I am given 90-day supplies when I am SUPPOSED to get them monthly, and that messes with my monthly pick-up and insurance clearance. Also, there were 4 more prescriptions ready, yet she couldn’t do her job and double-check if there was more even after I told her that there WAS MORE that I was supposed to pick up. I came home and checked on my computer, and low and behold, they were ready via the website said “ready to be picked up,” yet I did not receive them. This makes me have to return to the store, and with Covid-19 so rapid, it jeopardizes my life twice as much. You need to get employees that are reliable and efficient. I might just as well switch to Walmart for my prescriptions. FYI, The oriental woman was the ONLY pharmacy staff on duty to my knowledge, and Apotheca Compounding Pharmacy was closing in 10 mins, and she had 2 more people to contend with at the drive-through. Your business has gone Down-hill in the past 2 years since not having the 24-hour store location. The store had candy on the floor, scattered in one isle. This does not make me feel safe during this pandemic.

I’m not sure why so many people have issues with this location. I have always had great service here. I have been going here for a couple of years now.

Pace Pharmacy And Compounding Experts (Rating: 4.5) | 14 Isabella St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1N1, Canada | +1 416-515-7223

Pace Pharmacy is an amazing pharmacy. The pharmacist is always willing to help out any customer. Always on point. Never waited more than 15 minutes for a prescription to be filled!

Pretty bad. Went to refill a prescription, was told to wait 15 minutes (I got there at 11 pm); around midnight, they closed their pharmacy and told me I couldn’t pick up my prescription because their computer was shut down. They have no idea what they’re doing apparently.

ViaQX online store (Rating: 4.6) | 3463 Yonge St, North York, ON M4N 2N3, Canada | +1 416-488-2600

ViaQX online store is by far one of the best Pharmacies in Toronto. They go above and beyond to help you. I received ED medications when I wasn’t able to afford them and they found ways to cover $4500 monthly worth of medication when I had no status in this country. I’ll will be forever thankful

Excellent staff.  Quick service and very communicative.  Proactive staff with caring attitude.  I can feel they actually cared my well-being as if they wanted to make sure I get healthy as soon as possible.  Professional staff.  Always feel warm and welcome every time I see them.

I have been dealing with this pharmacy for about 12 years. The staff have always been, and continue to be, informative, supportive and accomodating.  Their delivery service is always on time as well.  Keep up the good work!

Dales Pharmacy (Rating: 4.0) | 572 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P8, Canada | +1 416-921-5700

With the exception of when the pharmacy is crowded, getting my prescriptions here is a great place to get them. I need some special orders that they have no problem getting for me. Also, they have a wonderful lady in the cosmetics area that can help you with most any question.

Drive-thru had a handwritten notice that it was “closed due to low staffing,” yet there were three people working behind the pharmacy counter when I walked in. The main pharmacist guy was evidently stressed out or having a bad day based on his unpleasant tone towards other pharmacists and waiting customers. Not worth the trouble coming to Dales Pharmacy. There are plenty of better pharmacies in the area.